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1 day research FUSE IT! with Sebastian Zuber at b12

SEBASTIAN ZUBER (johannes wieland)

when: 9th july 2017 / 10:30am – 2:30pm

where: Berlin, Germany

fuse it-workshop! gather all you got! it’s what you already have and what hides inside you, what we push to the surface. we take all possible influences from around and inside of us, isolate them, sharpen them and put them together in order to create a versatile, musical, humourous and hot piece of dance.

i show you a way to discover, accept, develop and dance your taste to its fullest. we practise this fusion, isolated and together, by constantly performing. looking forward to burning that floor with you!

sebastian zuber was born in basel, switzerland and graduated in 2015 from salzburg experimental academy of dance. as a dancer, he co-created and performed in several works (“waving to virginia”, “blood for honey”, “no more bambies”) of the israeli choreographer eyal bromberg.

shortly after his graduation, zuber became part of the ensemble of “more than naked” by doris uhlich. among several other international venues, it was also performed as the opening show at the impulstanz festival in 2015. together with edivaldo ernesto, who strongly influences his work as a dancer, he danced in the site-specific performance “micro revolution” by judith sanchez ruiz, acud berlin.

since 2015, he has been a member of the yugsamas movement collective, which created “let the bodies speak”, in collaboration with the choreographer julia schwartzbach. in 2016, yugsamas premiered their first independent production “collage me”. in 2016, several engagements as an acting performer followed at the opera of zurich. he thereby had the chance to be part of productions by christoph marthaler (“il viaggio a reims”), sebastian baumgarten (“hamletmaschine”) and herbert fritsch (“der freischütz”).

the videoclip, “inside a cube”, in which zuber contributed as its dancer, won the first prize at the zoom-festival, basel ’15. since october 2016, he is a full member of the johannes wieland company at staatstheater kassel. as a choreographer and producer, he yielded “a professional failure”, “lowball” and “accalia”.

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