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2nd IntegrO Dance Beyond Project 2017 with David Zambrano, Vangelis Legakis,…

The IntegrO – Dance Beyond project is specifically modeled to create new teachers in dance (Flying Low & Passing Through) having a holistic approach to it through Therapeutic Massage, Chi Gong & Yoga and Craniosacral. Through this blend we will find the unity of the four rhythms we experience in our lives: heartbeat, breath, meridian rhythm, and cerebrospinal fluid rhythm. All these four rhythms regulate our homeostasis in body, mind and spirit. Integro in Latin means to renew, to restore and make whole.

Also it means to begin again, to start from scratch and lastly it means to recreate and refresh. Integro also means to integrate diverse disciplines into one wholesome practice. We will all create new beginnings in our artistic process and practice so as to find unity in body and mind.

After the 50 days and 7 full years of research on Flying Low and Passing Through, Vangelis invites David Zambrano to teach, to develop, to pass through our common norms and boundaries, to renew and refresh our practices. Vangelis is also inviting his other two great teachers Mike Tan founder of SEA and Rosemary Wallace, founder of Integrated Cranial Biodynamics to create a wholesome project in which we will dance and sweat, we will learn and express, we will embody and progress.
Public Performance for the local community on the 9th of December 2017

David Zambrano – Flying Low & Passing Through
Vangelis Legakis (Embodied Unity) – chi gong, yoga, meditation
Mike Tan (SEA Therapy) – Structural Energy Awakening Thai Massage
Rosemary Wallace – Integrated Cranial Biodynamics

Where (venue, country): Tao Garden – Chiang Mai – Thailand
When: 12th November – 10th December 2017 (arrive 12th of November – depart 10th of December)

Deadlines for application: 
1st round 30 January 2017,
2nd round 28 February 2017,
Last round 30 March 2017

How to apply: Send motivation letter and CV to [email protected]

12,500 | 13,500 | 14,500 HKD including accommodation and food
The project will be calculating the equivalent currencies in Hong Kong Dollars
(visit website for more information)

Contact details: [email protected]

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