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33rd Edition of International Dance Course Antwerp

33rd International Dance Course Antwerp from Saturday 1 July till Saturday 8 July 2017

With dance lessons for every level and age!
During the course, more than 40 constructive dance lessons are given each day, during 8 days. The aim is to reinforce your technique in a pleasant way. Are you a beginner, more experienced or professional?
There are classes for everybody!

New this year is the Cunningham class taught by Antoine Vereecken.
The dancers will be introduced to this comprehensive modern dance technique.

Broadway Jazz is added to the list of great lessons this year! Michel Froget brings as a piece of NY to Antwerp.

Min Hee Bervoets founded her own company Hundred in 2016.
During this stage you can get acquainted with her work in her Master choreographer class.

This year the International Dance Stage will offer an AUDITION WORKSHOP by Regina Wielingen.
This lesson will be handed everything needed if one wants to prepare an audition. Going from preparing a resume to present yourself in front of a jury with a unique solo.

Processing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon to let students understand how to use the muscle memory can contribute to their classical ballet technique. After gaining the knowledge and experience of the program in Australia, Callie Roberts is now fully committed and eager to offer the PBT workshops for students and teachers during our International Dance Course. These lessons can only be attended during the following days of 3/07 t.e.m. 6/07.

PBT ​​Workshop for teachers is € 175 for the entire course of 4 days.
Full is full!!!

Students at a professional level can enroll in the repertoire classes (double lesson duration). The works by famous choreographers or taught in these classes. For the students a unique opportunity to master a different style and making them increase their skills!
Get acquainted with the work of Wayne McGregor, Johan Inger and Wim Vandekeybus.

Where: The course will take place at the studio’s of the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp
Meistraat 2,
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

When: from Saturday 1 July till Saturday 8 July 2017

For Registration: Please, Register at (Registration Possible from 16 January 2017)

Further info can be asked by mail: [email protected]

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