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3rd Dance and Nature Project

The Dance and Nature project is modelled particularly for transfusing the essence of dance into the essence of nature and the essence of nature into the essence of dance. The human being is integrally connected with nature however nowadays we have managed to disconnect from the power and the beauty that nature can offer us. Living in hectic busy metropolis has alienated us from the vital energy mother Earth open-heartedly and unconditionally offers. Now we are living in a time where we should make an effort to re-connect back to nature in this beautiful world. Elements refer to the wood, fire, earth, metal and water that encircle us wherever we go, however we rarely pay attention to relate and communicate.
Tenerife is the perfect place to create such a project; the island itself combines beautifully all five elements; wood with the beautiful forests, fire with the dominant presence of the volcano, earth with the rich and diverse soil, metal with the many special minerals, and water with the abundant sea and rivers. It is the perfect amalgamation to work on all five elements, all five profound energies.

The work we will delve into will be primarily focused on one hand on great dance styles such as Flying Low and Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Release, Physical Theatre and Choreography and on the other on the traditional Alchemy and Fusion energy meditations and practices from Taoist and Chi Gong lineage. To enhance the practice we will infuse Buddhist values and philosophies as well as Kundalini Yoga meditations and Kriyas.

We will be working in nature traveling in the island but also in dance studios where we will focus on solo and duet works without this limiting us if we want or wish to work on group collective projects. Vangelis is collaborating with Teatro Victoria and Roberto Torres where we will present solo performances at the end of the project 1st and 2nd of September.

Master workshop by:
Vangelis Legakis – Embodied Unity (Flying Low & Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, chi gong, yoga, meditation)

Horacio Macuacua – Improvisation Performance, Flying Low & Passing Through

Where: Tenerife, Arafo Manantial de Tara & Teatro Victoria

When: 21st August – 2nd September 2017

Deadlines for application: 5th August 2017

How to apply: Send motivation letter and your CV to [email protected]

Costs: 530 Euros including accommodation and food

465 Euros if apply before 5th of July 2016

445 Euros for students or to come with a friend

Contact details: [email protected]

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