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4-day-outreach DANCE AND PLAY with Marion Sparber at b12 (FREE)

MARION SPARBER community workshop for kids from 3-6

when: 30th june – 3rd july 2017 / 4:30pm – 5:15pm

where: Berlin, Germany

creative dance is more than a movement training. it is an all in all musical and playful way to enhance the creativity and immagination of children. through stories that include improvisation and also exercises the class awakens the expressivity and personal way of bodyawareness. in this early age they collect new experiences, get to know themselves better and follow their inner impulses.

we also work with instruments and tools such as balls, tissues and other materials to give the kids different stimulous to their inner world of phantasies. by enjoying and playing with a group they have a first approach to dancetraining.

this outreach project is free of charge!

marion is a professional dancer/instructor based in berlin. she received her dance training at varium in barcelona and iwanson school in munich. as a teacher she has been working in several schools and festivals in italy, spain, costa rica,russia and germany.

as a dancer she has collaborated with choreographers such as stella zannou, sonia rodriguez, adn-dialect, eldon pulak, philip amman and wee-dance company. her solo-work “the ripe and ruin” has been performed at several theaters and festivals in costa rica, greece, spain, switzerland and germany. she performed “eight” by kpiqa-collective in spain, italy, switzerland, russia and germany.

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in order to apply send us an email at researchordie[at] with the workshops you would like to take and a short bio. you can also provide us with a video link and a short paragraph about your motivation for each workshop. no must. once received, we’ll follow up with a personalized email confirmation.

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