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4-day-research ELEGANT CHAOS with Ryan Mason at b12


when: 13th – 16th july 2017 / 9:00am – 1:00pm

where: Berlin, Germany

imagine repeatedly reliving a car crash. the first time is traumatic. the tenth time we begin to find order, predictability and we learn to dodge the breaking glass. the hundredth, we find elegance in the impact. the unpredictable becomes familiar and we find comfort in chaos.

we will melt through the floor. we will rip through the air. we will turn ourselves inside out. we will traverse multiple techniques, breaking down complexity into organic understandable patterns. with repetition, we have the liberty to manipulate (or re-align) the concept of time — to slow down, to speed up, to bend. our senses sharpen and we begin to finesse the transition from one moment to the next.

applicants should have a strong basic understanding of athletic movement and should be prepared to mentally/physically exert themselves.

i am a choreographer and teacher. my work in both spheres is based on sharing and collaboration. i like to take things apart and look at them—for their absurdity, as well as for their sensory possibilities.

i danced with the josé limón company and johannes wieland, where i also served as rehearsal director. i stopped performing and started teaching and choreographing, before returning to performing. a graduate of calarts, i am currently based in munich, germany.

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in order to apply send us an email at researchordie[at] with the workshops you would like to take and a short bio. you can also provide us with a video link and a short paragraph about your motivation for each workshop. no must. once received, we’ll follow up with a personalized email confirmation.

tags: europe, germany

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