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4-day-research FROM GRAVITY TO LIGHTNESS with Lali Ayguade at b12

4-day-research with LALI AYGUADE at b12

where: Berlin, Germany

when: 12th – 15th july 2017 / 9:00am – 1:00pm

this course includes a technical part and another of creative and composition work. the first part is based on the way we use the ground when we dance, giving great importance to our base, feet, as a support of our movement. the power is in the feet and legs and let the rest of the body be free to express. the movement work in class is faster without forgetting the details.

the second part is about control and knowing how to leave the control. be aware of the whole body. these are principles which come through improvisation and imagination. we will also give much importance to the continuity of the movement and note that the energy of our body never stops, even when there isn’t movement. i like to think that if you draw a straight line, the circle does not disappear.

if you apply for this research workshop before march 22nd you will get our early bird special for 175 euros!

eulalia ayguadé was born in barcelona in 1980. at 8 years old, she studied music (solfeo and piano), sitting exams at the liceu conservatory in barcelona. in 1996, she attended institut del teatre in barcelona for dance and later to anne teresa de keermaeker’s parts, learning the repertory of william forsythe, trisha brown and rosas. in her fourth year, she made a solo “silence” coached by wim vandekeybus and later on made a duet “zoom in” with the polish dancer and choreographer radek hewelt, which was shown across europe.

after school she joined publik eye company from denmark, where she collaborated with the dramaturge, carmen mehnert.
in 2003, lali joined the akram khan company as a full time member creating and performing in the productions: “kaash”, “ma”, “bahok” (together with the national ballet of china), “vertical road” and “confluence”, collaborating with nitin sawhney and ricardo nova.

she has worked with roberto olivan (enclave dance company) with the production “homeland” and hofesh shecther with the productions: “in your rooms”, “cult” and “the art of not looking back”. she also worked with marcos morau of la veronal (who won the national prize award in 2013 in spain as best choreographer) with a piece called “portland”. currently, she is working with baro d’evel company, with whom she performed “mazut” and is working on their new creation, “bestias”.

in 2005, lali choreographed “twice read” together with the slovak dancer and choreographer anton lachky (one of the founders of les slovaks dance collective) and the slovak composer josef vlk. between 2007 and 2009, she choreographed other smaller works with the acrobat, joan ramon graell (the director of circus association in barcelona).

in 2012, she created a trio called “little me” with young jin kim and joan català, which was premiered at salmon festival in mercat de les flors in barcelona. for the birthday of ramon llull, she created “encontre” with joan català and jordi molina. in 2013, she created two short duets: “incognito” and “saba” and in 2014, created a quartet called “kokoro”, which was co-produced by mercat de les flors and temporada alta.

in 2010, she was nominated as ‘exceptional dancer’ in the critics awards of london, also as a best choreographer in time out of barcelona and nominated best dancer in barcelona.

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