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4-day-research HAPPY FEET with MILAN TOMÁŠIK at b12

MILAN TOMÁŠIK (les slovaks)

when: 4th – 7th july 2017 / 9:00am – 1:00pm

where: Berlin, Germany

the body is a beautiful and incredibly complex instrument. as dancers, we need to move everyday if we wanna stay in shape and step on stage prepared. of course, our mind will tell us immediately “you are ready”, but everyone who has stage experience knows that it’s not like that. the body needs to listen to us at will, right now, right here.

my technical class happy feet is focused on dancing. we approach dancing from many different perspectives: rhythm, melody, lengthening, speed, exercising the stamina, a coordination of different body parts and relation between them, body tension, which directly influences our expression, spins, tiny/small jumps, big/huge jumps.

my aim is to get to the accessible, articulated, virtuosic and rhythmical body. when i say virtuosic, it means you have to do the maximum that your body and mind is capable of in a given moment. keep in mind, that every person has different limits. when doing the class the right way, the feeling is clear: you are prepared and able to do anything at anytime without physically harming your body and you don’t wanna stop dancing…let’s dance!

milan tomášik was born in slovakia in 1981. he studied dance at the conservatory j. l. bellu in banská bystrica and at the academy of performing arts in bratislava. in 2004, he graduated from p.a.r.t.s, the international dance school in brussels, directed by anna teresa de keersmaeker. in 2001, he participated in vienna’s impulstanz festival with a dance web scholarship and went on tour with the dutch company mapa (moving academy for performing art).

in 2004, he received the prize of the city prievidza (slovakia) for representing contemporary dance at home and abroad. his teaching activities includes giving classes happy feet for professional companies, festivals and dance academies as well as workshops titled playful presence in most of the countries in europe, china, democratic republic of kongo and mexico.

he is a co-founder and active member of les slovaks dance collective, the company based in brussels. with them, he created three dance performances (opening night, journey home and fragments), and from 2007 performed and toured in europe, africa, china, middle and north america. in 2014 he founded milan tomášik & co and created two dance performances hunting season (2014), which received 2 awards for the best lighting design at kiosk and gibanica festivals and a piece for four dancers called silver blue (2015). after the solo performances within (2006) and off-beat (2011), in solo 2016 milan tomášik rounds off his trilogy of solo performances created in the last decade.

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