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4-day-research TECHNIC & COMPOSITION THROUGH IMPROVISATION with Thusnelda Mercy at b12

THUSNELDA MERCY tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch / sasha waltz & guests

when: 30th june – 3rd july 2017 / 5:45pm – 9:45pm

where: Berlin, Germany

starting with exercises based on the folkwang tradition and the influence of my work with the company of sasha waltz, my aim is to build up the awareness of our bodies in space and towards each other, to then experiment in a final choreographic movement phrase with the freedom of expression through the technique.

the second part will be based on the experience of composition through improvisation. encouraging personal research on gestures and theatrical forms, through questions and different tasks, and to discover the development of an idea and sharing the process of a choreographic proposal.

after working as a dancer and actress with the theater der klänge, thusnelda mercy pursued her study of dance at the folkwang universität of arts in essen, germany. at the end of her studies, she collaborated with the german choreographer sasha waltz and continues to work with her as a guest dancer since. from 2003-2015, she joined the tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch and continues working there as a guest dancer and assistant.

since 2009, she is working as an independent choreographer and dancer for different directors and has been teaching in international festivals. the artistic encounter with the actress and writer florence minder lead to the creation of the solo “sharing a power socket” in co-production with la faa. she continues her career as a choreographer with her latest piece for 22 students “this is my now”, at the folkwang university of arts in essen.

since 2014, she has been an associate artist to pascal merighi productions, in pieces such as samuel and wak.ntr rehab.

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