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5th Dance and Being Art Project

Vangelis Legakis focuses the 5th Dance and Being Art Project on creating a safe space for nurturing and healing the individual-self, relationship-self, and uniting in the collective-spirit. He will be implementing inter-disciplinary practices and modalities such as: contemporary dance and contact improvisation, meditation, healing chi gong & yoga and craniosacral therapy.

The focus is to bridge life and dance and dance with life so as to assist and support human evolution in this fast-changing and current rhythm of our lives. Dance and life is an art-form to master!

Where: Prana House, Melbourne, Australia

When: 24-27 February & 10-13 March 2017

Deadline for application: 10th February 2017

Vangelis will teach participants a diverse spectrum of dance practices including: Flying Low, Release, Contact Improvisation, and Group Improvisation. Van also combines healing modalities and techniques in his workshops to enhance and integrate the therapeutic nature of his work. These healing modalities include; Chi Gong Cosmic healing and general Chi Gong, Reiki, Meditation, Craniosacral and Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.

The workshops will also cover an in depth analysis and practice of the heart and kidney meridians and five elements in the Taoist tradition, and use these to help open new pathways for dance and choreography, as well as a healing methodology to balance the energies throughout the five organs, which correspond to the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water).

Dance contact improvisation will be the backbone upon which all the other practices will be built.

To apply: Please send motivation letter and CV to [email protected]

This project is open to everybody however there will be a selection according to the applications received.


Full project – 2 long weekends

760 AUD full price (payment plan available)

15% discount for 2 people who book together (code: D&BGroup)

15% discount for past participants (code: D&BPP)

12% discount for all students (code: D&BSt)​

Optional 1 long weekend workshop

455 AUD full price only

15% discount for 2 people who book together (code: D&BGroup)

15% discount for past participants (code: D&BPP)

12% discount for all students (code: D&BSt)

By 10th of January 2017 we offer an EARLY BIRD  @ 10% discount

(code: D&BEarlyBird)

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Contact details: [email protected]

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