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8-day-research INVISIBLE MATTERS with Annamari Keskinen at b12

ANNAMARI KESKINEN former dancer with rootlessroot and johannes wieland

where: Berlin, Germany

when: 26th june – 3rd july 2017 / 5:45pm – 9:45pm

everyday we’ll begin with a class, creating awareness and flow in one’s body and mind. we’ll slowly start with strengthening the core, warming up the joints and grounding ourselves, which will prepare our bodies for more complex choreographic sequences in a energy efficient way.

after class, we’ll continue with improvisation tasks, with a main focus on different mental and physical states. we’ll challenge ourselves to move deeply through different emotions and explore the freedom and honesty in one’s physical approach according to these states. we’ll explore how one’s state of mind directs the movement, and vise versa, and how all this influences our interactions with each other. the aim is to completely surrender ourselves to the moment and look where the invisible becomes visible.

the last day of the workshop, we’ll have an informal sharing based on the material from the workshop, which is open for public. the participants get a chance to put their new tools in practice, accompanied by elias de voldere, who’ll be jamming with us during the last two days of the workshop.

energetic floor work based material, as well as some risk taking, can be expected during the workshop.

if you apply for this research workshop before march 22nd you will get our early bird special for 340 euros!

i’m a female
i’m 31 years old
i come from finland
i’m intrigued by the complexity of our bodies and minds
with my art i wish to raise awareness about our surroundings, in me and everyone who gets to be part of it
i hope to be able to communicate
i like to sweat
i like to touch
i like to be touched
i like to be challenged

i have learned from and worked with:

johannes wieland, rootless root, helder seabra among many others including my beautiful colleagues around the world. i currently work as a freelance choreographer and dancer, having my home base in berlin.

for more information and further workshops please visit:

to apply: in order to apply send us an email at researchordie[at] with the workshops you would like to take and a short bio. you can also provide us with a video link and a short paragraph about your motivation for each workshop. no must. once received, we’ll follow up with a personalized email confirmation.



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