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Advertise on by selecting a Banner Ad and working together to build a successful promotional marketing. We can discuss other options than the banners listed below…

→ Who are our visitors? Professional dancers, dance teachers, dance students, dance companies, dance lovers, performing arts institutions and art centres staffs, amongst others…

→ Why us? 370.000 Avg. Monthly Page Views, 80.000 Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors, reaching 6000 Email Subscribers,… Learn more at the bottom of the page.

→ They have trusted us: Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, The Henny Jurriëns Foundation, CESA, deKissMoves, Art of, Laughton Retreat, New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, ADAM, The String of Body, Nomad Dance Academy, Joint Adventures, BIDE, amongst others.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need any assistance to design your banner ad (we can do it without extra cost).

Banner Ad Sizes and Positions:

*There are great discounts within 25% to 50% OFF if you publish your banner for multiple months
or if you select two or more banner ads.

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Advertisement Packages:

*There are great discounts within 25% to 50% OFF if you publish your banner for multiple months
or if you select two or more banner ads.

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Where Your Money Goes? is a project for the performing arts community. We develop project that can have an impact on the development career of our subscribers.
Your will support:
Management and development of Mail Listing of Opportunities.
Management and development of Website
Research, writing and publishing of articles, interviews and reportages on stories and untold stories in the dance world.
Development of new Free projects for the contemporary performing arts community.

Thank you for your Support!

Some Numbers… Stats:
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370 000 | Avg. Monthly Page Views
80 000 | Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors
15 800 | Facebook followers (
2 450 | Facebook followers (
5 480 | Email Subscribers (

Top 10 Countries:
United States
United Kingdom

Source: Google Analytics

Questions You May Have

I will have my banner an a post. How many time you will share my post?
As much as possible before the deadline. Always thinking on your target and not to bother people on the social media…
Can I update my post any time?
Yes, for Free.
How Can I Make the Payment?
You can make a secure payment via bank transfer or via TransferWise.
Can I receive an Invoice?
Yes, Of course
Can my banner be published before I make the payment?
Yes, banners are published once we agree on the price and we have received the graphics. We don’t need to wait for the bank transfer to publish the banner and the post.