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AUDITION for danske 2° with Choreographer Rakesh Sukesh

DANSKE is a new Brussels’ platform, established within danscentrumjette. Together with other workspaces, theatres and partners, it offers the opportunity for young professional dancers and experienced choreographers to meet, research, create and perform.
Different choreographers will be invited, to guide a DANSKE; each will hold an audition spread over 2017-2018 and select 8 to 12 dancers. Three months after an audition, the choreographer and selected dancers will work on a defined project for 6 weeks in DCJ. At the end of the 6 weeks the creation will be presented to the public in a studio performance of 30 minutes. To finalize the DANSKE edition 2017-2018, we aim for a short tour with the different DANSKEs in Belgium and abroad.

danske 1° is with choreographer Meytal Blanaru. Meytal Blanaru is well known to DCJ. She has developed a very unique way of movement in which she uses the Feldenkrais method as a departure point and inspiration for her choreographies and teachings.

danske 2° is with choreographer Rakesh Sukesh.
He developed a technique called Payatt INtransit, a combination of Kalarippayattu, contemporary techniques, yoga and energy work.

danske 3° will be choreographed by Ayelen Parolin. More information will follow.

AUDITION for danske 2° with choreographer Rakesh Sukesh

When: Saturday 2nd September 2017 10am

Where: danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium

To Apply:
Dancers 20 to 30 years, having had a formation and a minimum of experience on stage, can apply by sending a CV and motivation letter to [email protected]

The dancer pays an application fee of 25€ for the audition-workshop and then is asked to invest in time (6 creation weeks)

More information at:

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