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UPDATED: Auditions for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program at SEAD

Every year SEAD is holding Auditions for entrance into the four year undergraduate professional dance education program, and the two postgraduate programs I.C.E. – Choreographer´s Year and BODHI PROJECT – Professional Company Year.

The first round auditions take place in numerous different cities around the world. Candidates who pass the first round successfully are invited to the second round audition in Salzburg where the best dancers are chosen for a study at SEAD.


Undergraduate program – artist in process
SEAD searches for candidates with a high level of technical expertise, who have curiosity and intelligence, are modest and brave in their pursuit of performance and choreographic experience and knowledge. Applicants must be 18 years or older.

postgraduate programs – artist in practice
(i.c.e. and bodhi project)

SEAD searches for candidates who have and can demonstrate a genuine engagement with the form of dance, who are mature and responsible for their own education, who will bring an excited and sincere presence to SEAD.

How to Apply:
There are five steps to applying to SEAD:

1. Submit the application online.
2. Pay the registration fee.
3. For postgraduate applicants ONLY: Send us your video.
4. After applying, attend a first-round audition at one of the regional locations.
5. If invited, attend the final-round auditions in Salzburg in May 2017.

For detailed instructions for applying to each program and to reach the application forms, follow the links below:
Application Instructions: Undergraduate Program – Artist in Process
Application Instructions: Postgraduate Program BODHI PROJECT – Professional Company Year
Application Instructions: Postgraduate Program I.C.E. – Choreographer’s Year

Worldwide Audition Locations and Dates:

First-round auditions 2017
Cape Town: December 4, 2016
Seattle: February 4, 2017
Beijing: February 18, 2017
Tel Aviv: March 3, 2017
Budapest: March 4, 2017
London: March 4, 2017
Stockholm: March 4, 2017
Berlin: March 11, 2017
Copenhagen: March 11, 2017
Istanbul: March 11, 2017 Canceled
Brussels: March 18, 2017
Vienna: March 18, 2017
Barcelona: March 25, 2017
Paris: March 25, 2017
Athens: April 8, 2017
Salzburg: April 22, 2017

second round and final auditions 2017
Will take place in SEAD, Salzburg, from May 15 to 19, 2017.

For more details and faqs, please visit:

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