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Dancing Femmes / The Gracefool Ladies

Dancing Femmes is a series that wishes to explore the views of performing artists that happen to be born in a female body. Dancing Femmes focuses on how being female can affect your career.
Dancing Femmes portrays a spectrum of women´s experiences , from the newest to the veterans. Getting to know their work, their ideas, their aspirations, their struggles, their emotions… as a woman.

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Review: Didy Veldman’s new production researches the nuts and bolts of this human obsession that is Happiness

What happiness is cannot be condensed in one sole answer, mainly because there isn’t a universal way to it but there are infinite. Renowned choreographer Didy Veldman presents ‘The Happiness Project’ as the cover letter to introduce her own new company Umanoove.

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Some Perspectives from an Honest Artist; Having a Coffee with German Jauregui

German Jauregui Allue is a man who does not know what he would have done with his life if it wasn’t art. He was born in Bilbao, in autumn. In the late nineties he moved to Brussels to start his career as a member of ‘Ultima Vez’,…

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