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Dance Area – Professional Dance Program in Geneva

Dance Area is a renown school in Geneva, Switzerland. It is located in a beautiful building right in the center of the city, next to the river thames.

The school offers a Professional Dance Program spread over a three-year period. It produces versatile and creative dancers with an extensive range of technical skills. The emphasis is on classical, contemporary and modern’jazz techniques, which develop the dancer’s control, coordination, strength and endurance. Complementary disciplines such as singing, acting, acrobatics and hip-hop enrich the curriculum and allow students to further refine their artistic vision. Guest teachers and choreographers complement the training program by stimulating the young dancers to develop their artistic expression. After the first year, students will confront the challenges of the professional dance world by joining the Jeune Ballet, a young company.

The Program is addressed to dancers from ages 17 to 23 who have reached an advanced level of technique through rigorous and disciplined training. A good technical level in Ballet and Contemporary is required.

Young dancers auditioning must have a good understanding of French or English.

Based on the candidate’s level it is possible to enter into the 2nd year and into the Jeune Ballet

You will find a lot more information on Dance Area’s website but feel free to contact the office for any question.

To Apply: Fill up the form “Audition Inscription” you can find on the website and follow the instructions.

Date: 21 May & 18 June

Where: Dance Area, Geneva, Switzerland

Deadline: 12 May & 9 June

Audition Cost: € 30 / CHF 45 To be paid in cash on the day of the audition.

For more information visit:

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +41 22 329 29 92

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