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Danish Dance Theatre is Looking for Experienced Contemporary Dancers

Danish Dance Theatre audition (Closed audition – only for invited candidates!)

Danish Dance Theatre seeks contemporary dancers with strong technique and experience with improvisation for the season 18/19

Danish Dance Theatre will in the near future nominate a new artistic director. Read more HERE . It is expected that the current artistic director Tim Rushton will host an audition for the 18/19 season.

Audition dates: 12-13 February 2018 (February 12 with callback February 13, 2018)

Deadline for submission of application: 12 November 2017

Please note that your application will only be taken into consideration if the application contains all the required information and if you have applied within the deadline.

Your application must contain a video that must consist of the following:

  • It must be filmed in a bright room.
  • It may be filmed with a phone or any other device containing a camera.
  • We need 1 improvisation (1 min.) And 1 solo from your repertoire (max 2 min).
  • Say your name loudly and clearly.

See the video example below.

We will send an email by January 12, 2018, with notification of whether or not you have been invited to participate in the company’s audition. If you have been invited, we will send relevant information regarding your audition.

Where: The company’s audition will take place in our studies in Copenhagen.

To Apply: To complete the application form click HERE

NOTE! The form is based on all browsers, and your application is received as soon as the receipt page appears. In case you are having trouble completing the application or experiencing errors, use Internet Explorer.

For more information on Danish Dance Theater see our website: .

Video example for application:

Photo by Soeren Meisner
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