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De Dansers is Looking for 1 Male Dancers (Professional/Trainee) for Shake Shake Shake

De Dansers is Utrecht based company of dancers and musicians, led by choreographer/dancer Josephine van Reenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille. They create and perform dance performances, or rather dance concerts: organic meetings of modern dance and live music. 

Shake Shake Shake is a research project about intertwining dance into a concert. At night, on a stage, in between the instruments. On stage, four musicians and two dancers are evoking a timeless cocktail of contained anger, exuberant joy, pain and madness with their bodies, voices and musicality. The research will be ca. 15 days followed by a small number of performances on festivals. Further research and creation is planned in 2019, under reservation.

De Dansers is looking for energetic dancers/performers with strong technical skills in modern dance and an open stage presence. Musicality in moving/A connection to music in the body is a must, singing or playing an instrument is a pre. The audition is also open for circus artist and physical performers with good skills in bodywork and musicality.


We are looking for people that want to explore organic, theatrical ways of moving, collaborating with music to find ways to embody a concert and make dance turn into music. Applicants should be motivated to dance for different kind of audiences and to perform not only in theaters, but also on streets and on music stages. De Dansers is only looking for dancers who are based in the Netherlands.

Availability: 27th of March – 7th of April and 27th of May – 22nd of June (part-time)

Audition date: 1st of dec, 11:00 – ca. 18:00

Call-back (if necessary): 2nd of dec

Theaterhuis de Berenkuil, Biltstraat 166, Utrecht

To apply: for the audition, send a cv, photo and a short fragment of you dancing to [email protected] 

Deadline for Application:  nov 23rd. You will receive a mail within a week whether you are invited or not.

More information about the group:

Photo: © De dansers

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