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Draeger u.Co is calling for Musicians and Movers in Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre or Circus.

The Meeting of Great Artists

Draeger u.Co. are looking for human beings and characters with s stage experience.

Age: from 25 and up to- no limit. Surprise us!

We are looking for musicians and movers from the field of contemporary dance, physical theatre and new circus.

you are invited to participate in this MEETING OF GREAT ARTISTS for a new group production “Moving Orchestra” by draeger u.Co company in autumn 2018.
We are interested to work with sensitive people who are open to take risk.
We are interested to work with various professional backgrounds in music and movement – degrees don’t matter!
We are looking for musicians who are interested in their specific own physicality in combination with their instruments ( especially we are up for brass players, string players and double bass players )
We are looking for singers who have a background in soul/gospel hip-hop but as well classic.

The new production “Moving Orchestra” is a performance where traditional and habitual ways of perceiving music and musicians is being rotated around. It is taking a peek into this intimate and fragile being where the instrument will be transformed into an alive body, into a partner, into a performer. The musical instrument as a human metaphor, – to lean on and to let go, to take a break and to continue Everyone who is keen to explore and merge these fields is welcomed to MEETING OF GREAT ARTIST which will focus on individual exploration and as well as on the group collaboration.


How to Apply: Please send a  brief personal information (PDF) about yourself to [email protected]  

– Name, Surname
-professional background
-personal interests in your field (music/movement)
-headshot photo. please name it like: surname_lastname.jpg

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: 2nd October 11:00-17:00

Deadline for Applications: 29th September


For more information please visit:

Photo by: Draeger u.Co

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