Famous UK based artist is looking for dancers/performers for her new project.

This audition has expired
Deadline 10th April 2016 – For this new and ambitious piece, Ilona Sagar will work with a combination of trained and untrained performers of various ages and backgrounds. There will be a focus on older performers who have a history of intense physical training in dance, athletics or sport, but this does not exclude younger performers from applying. The group will wear a specially made unifying costume embedded with devices to track, monitor and log the output of their bodies. Similar to domestic technologies such as ‘fit bits’, these wearable’s will transmit data to which the performers will respond. These devices trace the material quality of the data the participants emit through stress monitoring, pulse logging, eye tracking, respiratory rhythm and vocal monitoring to capture their complex psychological and physiological origins.
‘Correspondent O’ uses the gestures and body movements of a group of eight performers as an interface to examine our multi-faceted relationship to design syntax, as an instance of technology and flesh.

Where: Pump House Gallery Battersea, London

To apply please email with a showreel or cv to  [email protected]

This is unpaid opportunity, expenses will be covered for London based performers.

Visit website: www.ilonasagar.com

Extra search keywords: europe, UK, performance, artist

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