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Follow Through Collective is looking for a Dancer to Join for Emerge Festival

The Follow Through Collective & Co. are looking for one (m/f) professional dancer with professional training, to join their Collective for the Emerge Festival in November at the Space London.

“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite! is a contemporary dance piece about childhood memories and how they influence our behaviour and relationships. Childhood experience has long-lasting effects on adult well-being. Early childhood memories are a tool to help you understand what makes you tick. While you can’t change your past you can change the way you understand it and move forward in light of understanding.”

You would have to be available for most of the following rehearsal dates and times:

21.of Sept. (4pm-6pm)
27th of Sept. (6pm-9pm)
28th of Sept. ( 6pm-7pm)
2.of Oct (7pm-9pm)
5th of Oct. (7pm-9pm)
10th of Oct (5pm-7pm)
13th of Oct.(6pm-9pm)
15th of Oct (10am-12:30pm)
( more in October and beginning of November)

Show times:
11th of November (performance at a pub) from 6pm onwards.
13th of November dress rehearsal
14th till 18th of November at the Space London.
(arriving time 5pm/ end of show around 10pm)

Payment is due to funding. Please only apply if you are available for all show dates and most of the rehearsal times.

You will get professional shots of yourself on stage as well as a professional Video of the performance.


How To Apply: Please send your CV and a short video of yourself to [email protected]

Deadline for Applications: 21st September 2017

Please see the Fb page and Webside for more information:

Photo © of Follow Through Collective

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