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Greek National Opera is Looking for One Male Ballet Dancer

Greek National Opera will hold an audition for one (1)  Male Ballet Dancer.


  • Candidates born between January 1st, 1988 and December 31st, 1996 are eligible to participate in the audition.
  • All candidates will be auditioned in classical ballet.
  • All candidates must be prepared to present one (1) classical repertoire variation and one (1) contemporary solo of their choice, if so requested. Candidates should bring with them the music for the soli pieces in CD.
  • Candidates, if so requested, shall be auditioned in contemporary movement of choreographic pieces, as instructed during the audition.
  • The contract will be fixed term, for one (1) year’s duration. In order to be employed by the G.N.O. it is required that the succeeding candidate furnishes all necessary documentation (Tax Re. No., Social Security No., work permit in case of foreign citizen etc.), and also that he is tax registered in Greece.
  • The audition starts at 10:30 am., precisely.

Where? Ballet Studios of the Greek National Opera (16, Archimidous St., Tavros 177-78, Athens, Greece).

When? Monday, 12 December 2016, at 10.30 a.m.

All candidates must be at the ballet studios 1 hour before the beginning of the audition.

Deadline for Applications: Tuesday, 6 December 2016 at 14.00

To Apply: All candidates should submit an application, CV and photo to:

Candidates are kindly requested to submit their applications at the Greek National Opera’s Protocol Department (39, Panepistimiou St., 3rd floor, 105 64, Athens, office hours 08.00-14.00, from Monday to Friday , Tel. +30 210 3711200).

Candidates could also address their application, CV and photo by mail to [email protected] by the given due date and time. In case the candidates submit their application by mail, they should contact the ballet Administration Office (210 3615121) to confirm their application is valid.

Applicants can obtain the relevant application forms either from the Protocol department or on this link

Contact for Information: Mrs Ivana Katsoula, Τel. 210 3615121

Visit website to learn more about the Opera:

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