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Hannah Meraki Dance is Looking for Dancers

Looking for dancer for research and development for a dance theatre work based on the theme of small living spaces inspired by the Koowloon Walled City.

Where: Creation Box London, Newham Terrace, SE1 7DR, UK

When: Saturday 3rd December, 10:00am – 1:30pm

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 29th November 2017

Rehearsal Information:

Dates: 13 February – 17 February 2017 (with possibility of development and performance in May/June)
Times: 10am – 6pm
Place of rehearsal: The Barbican Centre
Fee: £440 (inclusive of VAT and any travel and food costs)

Qualities I’m Looking For:

– the strength and control of a breakdancer/aerialist/pole dancer
– the flexibility of a ballet dancer/gymnast
– the ability to connect with performance as an actor
– do you represent something unique about London?
are you BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)? (not essential but BAME artists are encouraged to apply)

How to apply:

Please send

– CV
– short show reel (1-3 mins)
– short statement of interest (approx 100 words)
– to: [email protected]

Contact details: Hannah – [email protected]

Visit website to learn more about Hannah Meraki Dance:

Photo by © Greg Girard and Ian Lambot

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