Submitting an Audition Notice

Submitting an audition notice is very easy and fast. To submit an audition notice you just have to create an account on Your account is created automatically the first time you submit an audition.

Click here for more explanation on creating your account.

First Time Submission:
Below is an image that show the page you will find the first time you submit an audition notice. As you can see you just need to enter your email, that will be your username, and fill out the form to submit your audition notice. Once your notice is submitted, it will stay in Pending Status for review.
After confirmation, you will receive two emails: One with your account credentials and the second confirming the publication of your audition notice.

Creating an account during submission

Submitting an Audition from your Account:
To submit an audition you just need to login to your account and click New Submission on the top menu. Then, fill out the form and click the submit button. See the image below.

New Submission

Company Details Form:
At the end of each audition form you will find the Company Details short form. This is very important for us and for the applicants to see and learn more about the company or choreographer that is looking for dancers.
So, we strongly ask you to fill out the Company Details form. Some details are required and others are optional.
Many of the company info on the form will remain every time you submit an audition. So, you don’t need to fill completely out the form every time that you submit an audition notice. See the image below.

Company Details Form