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International Dance Workshop DansAmpostA 2017

10% Discount Workshop

DansAmpostA is an international dance workshop with variety of activities to improve technique and gain stage experience in collaboration with known worldwide teachers and choreographers. We offer you the possibility to have an intensive week of work at Spain meeting different cultures and enjoying the beautiful paradise land of Terres del Ebro near to the sea side.

We organize extra activities surrounding the dance culture as video viewing and interactive debates, to have fun and learn other aspects from our masters experiences.

This year the dance workshop has as a daily training:

-Alexander Ekman’s repertoire with Mathilde Van De Meerendonk

​-Attila Egerházi’s repertoire with Cristina Porres Mormeneo

-Ballet Class/Point shoes technique with Isabelle Beaucourt

-Contemporary Class with Attila Egerházi

Where: Amposta city (Tarragona), Spain

When: 31st of July until 05th of August 2017.

*On Saturday 5th of August you will have the possibility to perform at the Theater “La Fila Ampostina” next to other international guest artists from the Hungarian Ballet Theater and with the special invitation of Julianne Ramsey from United States of America.

-Required application (limited places).
-Available for beginners and professionals

Deadline for application: 20th of June 2017

Price for 5 days + performance:
(10% discount for e-performa and PRO Subscribers… Contact us to get the discount code. Not a subscriber? Subscribe Now)
350€ (person)
250€ (group/min. 3 person)

For Contact e-mail to [email protected] or visit for further information.



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