Izadora Weiss and the Baltic Dance Theatre are Looking for Male and Female Dancers

Izadora Weiss and BTT (Baltic Dance Theatre) are pleased to announce an open audition for professional dancers (male and Female) to take part in project connected with “Diaghilev. P.S.. International Festival of Arts in St Petersburg” (November 2016).

Project will last from October 3rd to November 23rd.

Audition will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on 2016, September 19th.

All applicants shall send an email with cv and photos (portrait and in motion) on email [email protected].

Deadline for application is 2016, September 15th.

Izadora Weiss reserves the right to send an invitation to participate in the program only to artists, selected on the basis of submitted applications.

Program of audition:
-presentation of 2-3 minutes of own solo choreography.

Visit Website to learn more about Izadora Weiss: http://izadoraweiss.com

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