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MEYER-CHAFFAUD is Looking for 2 Professionals and 2 Trainees Dancers

MEYER-CHAFFAUD is looking for two professionals, two trainees and 1 actor living in the Netherlands for their new production SOUL#2 PERFORMERs.

SOUL#2 is the follow up of the well-received SOUL#1 AUDIENCE.

Pre-selection on CV and video extracts.

Creation period: To be defined, starting the last week of August 2017
Tryout: 3-4 November HUBS IMMERSIVE festival
PRE-Premiere: February during Holland Dance Festival
Premiere: 18 April, Korzo theater.
Tour: first part of the tour between April and 30 June.

Soul#2 is digging into the inner journey of the performer, in the act of creating, in the
act of giving. Like in Soul#1 the exchange with the audience is at the core of the
piece. More than a performance it is an intimate encounter with the audience and with
each other.

Profil required for the professional dancer
-Creativity and investment in the work of creation
– Acting skills
-Strong contemporary technic with strong coordination and versatility skills.
-Strong sense of humor, derision and scoff ( who do not fear to explore facet that
could be labeled as ridiculous)
-Enjoying testing ones own limits, have opinion about meaning of life and dance in
life, funny in his/her own way, enjoy working hard, think about the process between
the hours spend in the studio and is team player.

For Apprentice:
-Your profile must contain 60 % of the above.

Where: The audition will be held at Cloud/Danslab in Den Haag

When: Date and time (sometime in June) will be communicated after the pre-selection.

It will be a 3 consecutive days audition. We ask the participants to be present for the full 3 days with possible recall.

To Apply: Preselection will proceed in May, second round end of June and beginning July. Living in the Netherlands is mandatory. Please send your letter of motivation, short cv and video links to meyer.chaffaud(at)

Deadline for application: June 1st 2017

Visit website to learn more about the company:

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