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Michael Turinsky is Looking for 1 Disabled and 1 Non-Disabled Dancers for the Project Reverberations

Austrian choreographer Michael Turinsky is looking for one disabled as well as one non-disabled dancer / performer for his next work “REVERBERATIONS”. Taking up some of Dub Music’s inherent qualities and construction principles such as minimalism, fragmentation, vibration, viscerality, echo and spatiality, REVERBATIONS will explore the idea of resonance across spatial, temporal and physical differences. Dancers / performers are required to contribute to the process through qualities such as
A strong presence on stage
A willingness to work with minimalism and repetitiveness
An experience with somatic practices, especially BMC
An interest in exploring diverse modalities of physical tension, trembling, shaking and vibration / pulsation.

Where: Vienna, Austria

When: 8th of January to 10th of March 2018

Deadline for applications: 20th of November

How to Apply: Send a short CV and if possible some video material to [email protected]

For further information, please visit

Photo: © Michael Turinsky and Lucas Zavalia

tags: dance, Europe

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