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MIMESIS l Workshop with Billie Hanne l Poetry for Dancers

The course encourages the performing artist to allow the body to be penetrable so speech and dance can lock into each other. Tongue interacts with skeleton and muscle and fuses into space, scale, matter and audience. When choreographic output heightens the poetic experience its arrangement can strengthen and focus the material into unity.

In pacing actions the dancer conceives of textural qualities and is able to convey the flow of time. He or she enters the imagined space evoked by language. Words then, as an active ingredient for the dance, can create the bodily movement that fulfils the image. This image is dynamic and sensual in essence. Students learn to bear its weight as well as navigate its lightness and humour.

MIMESIS asks / requires the dancer to go into detail and further his or her elemental understanding of making composition.

BILLIE HANNE is a dancer, poet, maker and teacher. She creates work through radical handling of text and dance in instant compositions that push the boundaries of the art form. She is a soloist, creates work for her company Billie & Wheelgod and is engaged in numerous collaborations (Allen’s Line, Josep Maria Balanyà, Hallveig Agustdottir, …). She performs widely in Europe.

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: 27 June – 01 July 2017

Deadline for registration: 27th June 2017 | 10h to 16h.

For more information and to register please visit:

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