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New Dance Form Seeks Dancers

Founded in 2017 by acclaimed Chinese born dancer and choreographer Nuo An, the Nuo Spiritual Art Foundation (NSAF) is a New York City based not-for-profit member of the United Nations’ Council of International Dance (CID), with a mission to promote and present the spiritual dance form. Originating in China and incubated in the United States, spiritual dance integrates principles of ballet, modern dance and dance therapy into a new art form that promotes an exploration of both body and mind, and an intensive cooperation among all participants. At its core, our work is a quest toward art and creativity that connects all of life.

NSAF also furthers the development of spiritual art from disciplines beyond dance, including painting, sculpture and theatre. It is not affiliated with any religious faith, yet the end result is an experience that is therapeutic, aesthetic and transcendent for both dancers and audiences alike. At NSAF, we do not teach dance; we discover it and create it together.

NSAF fulfills its mission through performances as well as outreach programs directed at schools, elder centers, and organizations serving those with special needs. Dancers will collaborate closely with Nuo An and musicians over 24 months to choreograph an inaugural piece, to be performed in New York City and abroad. They will also participate in outreach programs in the community.
Upon completion of 150 hours with NSAF and the conclusion of the first dance project, each of our dancers can proudly consider themselves well versed in the spiritual dance form. In addition, each receives the prestigious International Certification of Spiritual Dance Art, awarded by the CID. Our artists become part of a global family of dancers who receive special invitations to perform with many of the world’s best dance festivals and companies, and to be lifelong active participants in ever-evolving conversations on art and culture.

This is an over 2 years commitment project, starting mid-October 2017. International tour will be part of the project. Longer term collaboration possible as well.

When: October 4, 2017 (Wednesday), 11am – 2pm

Ballet Hispanico, Studio #9
167 west 89th street (@Amsterdam Ave. ), New York, NY 10024, USA

Must be 18 years old or older;
At least 4 full years BOTH Ballet and Modern dance as routine training;
Having curiosity and open attitude toward the New Dance Form;
Having friendly and cooperation spirit working with international peers and dance company.

To apply: Please send headshot, full body shot, resume and video (if possible) to: [email protected]

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