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Northern Ballet is Looking for Male and Female Dancers to Join the Company

Northern Ballet is looking for open-minded, creative and imaginative male and female dancers with strong classical technique, exceptional partnering skills and strength.

Closed auditions, by invitation only.

Where? Leeds, UK

When? Sunday 12 February 2017.

To Apply: Please submit a full CV (which must include height, weight, date of birth and nationality), recent full-length classical dance photos and DVD (or YouTube/Vimeo link) of centre class work in leotard/tights (ladies on pointe), showing long combinations both sides of adage, pirouettes, small and large jumps and a travelling combination (no costumes please) to:

by email [email protected]
Or by post to Matt Lawn, Northern Ballet, Leeds LS2 7PA

Deadline for Applications: Wednesday 1 February 2017

Photo Dreda Blow as Jane Eyre | Photo by Emma Kauldhar

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