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Oceans and Flow – A Water Dance Journey in Azores Island , 9-16 September

The portuguese Azores islands, in the Atlantic ocean, are hosting a unique event from 9 to 16 September 2016. OCEANS AND FLOW, is a journey of movement in water and land. A real festival of aquatic dance that will feature dance classes of Contact Improv, Flydeeper, Freedive Flow and Dragon Dreaming.

This years’ edition is themed “Dance with your dreams” and the idea is to Let it Flow.

This means that 15 participants (with and without dance experience) from all over the world, will have the chance to travel in a new way and get to know the island, through dance. The different workshops will take place in magical natural settings and secluded areas, unknown to most visitors, like waterfalls, lagoons and smaller islands.

Every year, in September, there will be a new edition in a different island of The Azores. In March 2017 a new edition, in another country is also being prepared.


Two daily dance/movement workshops will be facilitated by an international team of professional trainers:
Contact Improvisation in Water and Land with Sasha Bezrodnova (Rússia)
Flydeeper with Ofer Rosenthal (Israel)
Freedive Flow with Mário Blanco (Argentina)
Dragon Dreaming with Sasha Bezrodnova and Violeta Lapa (Portugal)

There will be a Healthy Food Workshop and a Water Dance Film will be developed with all participants.

Lastly, the event will feature a gastronomic journey, with delicious natural and nutritive meals, that will awaken the senses.

Meet some place and secret spots were we will dance and flow:

All information is available in our website, facebook page, Instagram and youtube channel.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams!” Eleanor Roosevelt

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