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Physical and Gaga Camp 2017 WINTER EDITION

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Physical and Gaga Camp 2017 WINTER EDITION
Krakow Choreographic Centre invites you for the first WINTER EDITION of Physical and Gaga camp, which takes place from 9th till 14th of January 2017.

The 6-day program of workshops includes: Gaga, improvisation, repertoire by Natalia Iwaniec, physical dance with Milan Herich and stretching/pilates.

Teachers: Natalia Iwaniec (Gaga, improvisation, own repertoire), Milan Herich (physical dance)


We offer a possibility of accommodation in Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in the form of place to sleep in the collective room, with access to toilets and showers. Each participant should ensure foam pad or a mattress and sleeping bag on her/ his own.


In Nowa Huta Cultural Centre you can also eat a daily dinner in Bistro Marchewka. It’s tasty, inexpensive and healthy. Participants of workshops have 20% discount on dinners.
In the evenings we invite you to spend time together, integration, swimming pools, saunas, movies and exploring Krakow.

More information, application form, regulations here: (hit EN at the bottom of the page)

Krakow Choreographic Centre, Krakow, Poland
al. Jana Pawła II 232

9-14 January 2017

Deadline for applications:
3 January 2017

How to apply:
Fill the application form available here:

Costs for participants:
250 euro (Please, contact Krakow Choreographic Centre about your ‘e-performa Code’ to get 10% discount)

Contact details:
[email protected]

Natalia Iwaniec website:

See the film of Milan Herich class:

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