Sally Marie is looking for dancers for two dance theatre projects

We are looking for dancers for two dance theatre projects this summer directed by Sally Marie. The audition will take place on the 4th June at Rambert Dance Company Studios, The Southbank. This location is to be confirmed. 5th June for call backs. The Place, Dukes Road Euston. 10-6pm both days. We’ll start with probably an improvisation class and then go on from there.

Every Day People

Just weekends from 9th July – 21th August (£180 a day / £360 for each weekend / £2520 in total). We are looking for three dancers, male or female.

Six members of the public are going to choreograph their own dance work on three professional dancers, with myself as go-between. You’ll need to be warm and open, versatile, a good team player and possess a great memory as you may be work on three different pieces a day over 8 weekends.


29th August – 25th September. Full length dance theatre work about out connection to nature / also a comedy. It has already premiered as an indoor work & is now going to be re-imagined for the InsideOut Festival in Dorset. We need 3 Male dancers, possibly one female. ( It’s mostly Bournemouth based, yet accommodation will be provided. )

Looking for three very different men. And also a community cast from the Bournemouth area.

Ist Man / possibly a woman. Someone very funny, emotional, charismatic, good at text

2nd Man Great mover, someone who can breakdance perhaps / and who can also do text. Will be playing a play city bloke who loves football.

3rd Man: Someone intense who is a great mover and good at contact / does not need to be able to do text that well 😉

We have already been commissioned and so it’s definitely happening, only I am applying for more funds from the Arts Council to let us rehearse for longer. This will be a paid position. Likely around £450 a week for four weeks.

The audition is open – to give the new graduates a chance as much as anything. Please bring your CV and a picture on the day and email me with a simple word YES if you are coming so we can gage numbers. [email protected]

A couple of other choreographers who may be looking for dancers will be invited to observe this audition too.

More information about Sally Marie here

Photo from the production ‘Tree’ Conceived and Directed by Sally Marie

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