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Sarah Prescimone & Ellis van Veldhuizen are Looking for 1 Female and 1 Male Dancer

Young makers Sarah Prescimone and Ellis van Veldhuizen, senior at the choreography department of Fontys Dance academy, are working towards a graduation performance on the 31th of May 2017:

We are looking for 1 female and 1 male dancer: two solo’s.

We welcome experienced or professional dancers with different backgrounds to aply: Hiphop, Dance theater, Butoh, Contemporary modern.

Audition Date: 28th of January 2017

Where: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Deadline submitting application: 20th of January, to [email protected]

Your application must contain:
1. Resume + an image that represents you
2. Short biography: Maximum of 250 words
3. Videolink with you recognizable dancing: Maximum 3 minutes

! Please note: Your application will only be taken into consideration if you have applied within the deadline.
Admission to the audition is by invitation only. You will receive an email from us before the 24th of January 2017. If you have been invited we will send you the relevant information, regarding place and time of the audition.

The working period will be part-time during March, April and May.

Fontys Dance academy will financially support this graduation production. Dancers wage classification will be based on their years of experience.


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