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Schweigman& is Looking for Experienced Female Dancers for the Restaging of Wiek

Audition for restaging of Wiek a site-specific dance performance by Schweigman&

Schweigman& is looking for experienced female dancers for the restaging of the performance Wiek. Rehearsal period April and May 2018 with performance dates up to and including September 2018 in the Netherlands.

Schweigman&: Schweigman& is a Utrecht-based theatre company under the artistic leadership of Boukje Schweigman.
Schweigman& performances immerse the audience in visual, poetic, sensory spaces, playing with dramatic conventiones and toying with theatre codes. For the last 15 years the company has been producing exceptional and unique interdisciplinary theatre performances, highly acclaimed by press and audiences.
The starting-point of the performances is the body in space, with a focus on the physical presence of performers and audience and the sensitivity connected with this shared presence. In the complex choreography of Wiek the three dancers are confronting the elements; the sand under their feet, weather conditions in the open air and the inescapable, independently rotating horizontal blades of a rotor.

Schweigman& is looking for experienced, female dancers with strong dance technique, subtle performance quality, virtuosity, and physical stamina.

Candidates should have completed a professional dance education, preferably in modern/contemporary, and have an affinity with the works of Schweigman& that straddle the genres and techniques of dance and Dutch mime/physical performance theatre.

For this work the dancers need to be highly skilled in jumping as well as floorwork and need to be accustomed to working with an existing complex choreography. The performance is danced on bare feet in sand, within a specially designed circular arena in the open air.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your CV, head shot, motivation, and (if possible) links to video footage.

Deadline for applications: 30th October 2017
You need to be available during the full rehearsal period and performance dates.

First round 8 November 2017, second round 11 November.
Candidates will be selected for the 1st round auditions following the application deadline and be notified by email.

Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands

No expenses are payable for the auditions.

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