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Scottish Dance Theatre is Seeking Creative and Versatile Male and Female Dancers

Scottish Dance Theatre is currently accepting applications for 2017 auditions.

Scottish Dance Theatre is seeking creative and versatile male and female dancers with a minimum of 3 years performance experience since graduation.

Candidates should possess strong technical and performance skills and a broad experience including ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and contact work.

Full-time permanent contracts from Summer 2017.

To Apply: Please click here to complete the application form.

The application deadline is Friday 20 January 2017

Where? Auditions will be in London, England

When? Saturday 18 February 2017 (with recalls on Sunday 19 February 2017).

Visit website to learn more about the company:

Photo: Scottish Dance Theatres Miann by Fleur Darkin. Featuring The One Ensemble Audrey Rogero, Quang Kien Van, Francesco Ferrariand, Naomi Murray. Photo by Brian Hartley

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