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Studio Eclipse is Looking for Male and Female Dancers/Acrobats

We are looking for male and female dancers/ acrobats for the new creation of Studio Eclipse

For the new production we look for strong movers that feel like working on location.

We will work with the theme ‘Panic’ in different forms. We expect an own input for this creation. Therefore we will use stories from each performer. We expect people with experience in teamwork, partnering and improvisation.
It’s important to feel an affinity with the work of Studio Eclipse.

Working periods in 2017: 20th of February – 3th of March, 3th – 21st of April, 5th of May – 25th of June

Performances: summer of 2017 on several festivals in Belgium and abroad

Please send your cv and a link of a video to contact[at]

Deadline for Applications: 6th of December 2016

Where and When: We will give the exact location and the hours for the audition by the invitation.

Visit Studio Eclipse website to learn more about the company:

Photo by Kurt Demey

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