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SUBMERGE: Summer Dance Workshop and Performance Festival Berlin

SUBMERGE: Getting into the Work
This summer Lake Studios hosts the second edition of an intensive festival dedicated to submerging into specific performance works of our invited dance artists. The workshops are conceived as embodied »re-creative« labs into the making of these pieces. The artists will share their creative processes, movement techniques, choreographic / improvisational methods, and conceptual journeys through the crafting of their works. Workshop participants also receive a free ticket to the performance – giving them a full experience from inside to out.


Milla Koistinen: August 7 – 10

Peter Jasko / Clara Furey: August 14 – 17

Kareth Schaffer: August 21 – 22

Choreographer’s Lab: August 24 – 25 with invited guest T.B.A. (FREE of cost)

Tian Rotteveel: August: 28 – 29

Martin Nachbar: September 1 – 2

TAET VREMYA: September 4 – 7

For detailed information on the workshops and performances please check the website

Where: Lake Studios Berlin

When: From August 7th to September 8th 2017

Deadline for registration: August 6, 2017

How to apply: Pre-registration open : [email protected]

Workshop prices:

4 day workshops: 140€ 1st workshop, 120€ 2nd Workshop, 100€ 3rd workshop

2 day workshops: 70€ 1st workshop, 50€ 2nd Workshop, 30€ 3rd workshop

Combination of 4 and 2 day workshops possible to receive discounts.

Choreographer’s LAB: Free of charge

[email protected]

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