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SZENE 2WEI inklusive tanzkompanie is Looking for one Male Dancer to Join the Company

SZENE 2WEI inklusive tanzkompanie – contemporary dance theatre with mixed-abled dancers – is looking for one male dancer to join the company for the new production from June 2017

The dancer will join the company for the making period of the new dance piece in the frame of KALA trilogy by choreographer William Sánchez H. and will also take part in the workshops for mixed abled groups.

Audition: 6th May 2017, by invitation only.
Location: Germany, Lahr/Black Forest

SZENE 2WEI understands contemporary dance theatre to be a medium and a motor for inclusive action. The ensemble works with mixed able artists, people from different cultures, and different professional dance backgrounds. The company has evolved since 2009. The main focus is on the artistic work. SZENE 2WEI works towards individual strengths, picking up on potential, creating perspectives and ways of living, connecting and mediating. Networking establishes the basis for an approach focused on process.

The project „KALA trilogy“ is an inclusive, interdisciplinary and intercultural dance production by SZENE 2WEI inclusive dance company. In this sense, the frame of the project is both social and cultural, which is why it cooperates with institutions and facilities in both areas. During the three-year term of this project, three contemporary dance pieces will be elaborated that draw upon each other, together constituting the KALA trilogy. Dance workshops with similar subject matter will follow the nationwide performances of the dance pieces. The planned nationwide performances will include classic theater performances as much as performances in settings of ordinary life. In the workshop following each performance, we will engage with elements, methods and motifs of the dance piece and the dance company in general. Disabled and non-disabled members of the company will form inclusive teams to lead the workshops.

Required for application are:

– 2 years of professional dance experience (contemporary, modern dance) and/or a particular natural performance style
– Good improvisation skills
– Capacity for Teamwork and good communication skills
– An open mind towards experiments
– High motivation

Project period: from June 2017 until January 2018

– 20 days of rehearsal in July and September 2017
– 12 days of rehearsal between 1st and 20th of October 2017
– 14 days of touring (4 performances and workshops) between 1st of November 2017 and 31st of January 2018

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