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Holding on my feminist values in the dance industry. A personal view from a dancer

Conflating ideas on sexuality and dance is an important, albeit conflicting, issue for any female/professional dancer nowadays; especially in today’s social and political climate and, amidst a profession spent glorifying and often essentialising the human body. As a female and as a dancer, the ever-present reality of displaying sexuality is a constant phenomenon, either in the direction or expectations of others, or the image we believe we are expected to portray.

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Being (il)legal #1: A Personal Account of an American Dancer in Europe

Being a foreign freelance artist is difficult in Europe. As a dance artist, I want to base myself in Brussels. More than Berlin and London, this is where I feel most accepted, most inspired, most intrigued, most challenged, most supported. And for what?–– For my art, my research and practice.
I have spent the last three months expending countless hours of energy trying to navigate the Belgian bureaucratic system…

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Being (il)legal: Preface | A multi-part series looking at foreigner’s pushing the legal limits to pursue their art in Europe

Being (il)legal is a multi-part series where I look at the different lengths artists are willing to go in order to pursue their art. The main focus is on non-Europeans in Europe and why Europe is such a “mecca” for the Western (and sometimes Eastern) art world.
From stories about bouncing around from country to country or staying put and hiding from the authorities, this is Being (il)legal.

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