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Holding on my feminist values in the dance industry. A personal view from a dancer

Conflating ideas on sexuality and dance is an important, albeit conflicting, issue for any female/professional dancer nowadays; especially in today’s social and political climate and, amidst a profession spent glorifying and often essentialising the human body. As a female and as a dancer, the ever-present reality of displaying sexuality is a constant phenomenon, either in the direction or expectations of others, or the image we believe we are expected to portray.

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New Artist, Eleanor K, is Casting Male Dancer for Pina Bausch Inspired Music Video

Application Deadline: 12pm Friday 1st September.

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In the in-between…how to survive between dance contracts

We’ve all been there, those times when you’ve finished an awesome dance contract; you’re enjoying the rest and looking forward to jumping right back into the next one. Except the next one is taking a bit longer to come along than you would like. With each negative audition outcome comes a reassuring voice in our head, ‘too tall’, ‘not the right build’, ‘they wanted more classical dancers’ etc.

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