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The Art of Making Corrections in Dance

Corrections, as dancers you need to deal a lot with them. Constructive criticism or a straight comment, helpful or confusing you, somehow you need to find your way of incorporating the given correction into your dancing. Understanding how to process the information in the right way may depend on the manner someone corrects you.

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Four Workshops with the Secret Teachings – THE WORKING OF TIME AND MIMESIS

Workshop Dates:
Mon-Fri 14 – 18 Nov 2016 —> Workweek I THE WORKING OF TIME
Mon-Fri 06 – 10 Feb 2017 —> Workweek II MIMESIS
Mon-Fri 17 – 21 Apr 2017 —> Workweek III THE WORKING OF TIME
Tue-Sat 27 Jun – 01 Jul 2017 —> Workweek IV MIMESIS

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