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Technique and Partnering Improvisation WORKSHOP

10 days workshop with Judith Sánchez Ruiz
Technique and Partnering Improvisation

This workshop will be structure in 2 hours Technique class, and 3 hours Partnering improvisation practice. Digesting and solidifying information for body and mind.

Partnering sessions will be structure, practicing exercises using resistance, slide, manipulation and Off balance as a tool of composition and conduit for structural dynamics. You will work individually, in partnering as well as in groups settings, and practice scored/structured performances that are fresh and innovative. Through diverse methods and tasks we will strengthen our skills in partnering as a tool in a creative setting.

WHEN: January 5-14th | 12 to 5pm
PRICE: 300€.
INFOS & REGISTRATION: [email protected]
Please send a Short Bio.

LINK of the event: events/1306158609435574/ permalink/1333445463373555/

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