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The Beaver Dam Company and choreographer Edouard Hue are Looking for a Female or Male Dancer

The Beaver Dam Company and choreographer Edouard Hue are looking for a female or male dancer for their next creation, Meet Me Halfway, in January 2017.

Applicants should have strong improvisation skills and demonstrate creativity, as well as be able to quickly adapt to an improvisation structure and fluently speak one language other than French or Japanese (English possible). No age limit.

To Apply: Please send your CV, pictures (2 max.) and if possible, a recent dance video to: [email protected]

The working period will take place between January 3rd and January 25th 2017, mostly in Geneva, Switzerland.

Salary is based on a monthly base salary of 4’500 CHF, gross.

When? The audition will take place over a day, and will be private for each selected candidate. Time and place will be convened with applicants according to their availability.

No dancer will be invited unless there is real interest in meeting them.

Where? Geneva, Switzerland.

Deadline for Applications: 30th October 2017

Visit Website to learn more about the company:

Photo by Zoe Dumont

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