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The Collective (LA) HORDE is seeking 10 dancers with Strong Personalities for a Show with a Popular Pop Artist

Preparing for the show of a popular pop artist, the colletive (LA) HORDE is seeking 10 dancers with strong personalities, charismatic, able to follow choreography but also to improvise.
No age limit.
Professional and non-professional dancers.

Availability Required starting from March for:
-video clip shootings
-rehearsals/promotional events in April and May 2018
-residencies (3 x 2 weeks) between April and August 2018
-world tour in 2018-2019

When: 1st round: 27th February. 2nd round: 28th February.

Where: Paris.

How to Apply: Please send your photos, video, resume and dance style in an email with the heading ‘Audition Tour + Name and Surname’ to [email protected]

For more information please visit:

Photo: © LA HORDE / Virginie Kahn

Tags: Danse, Paris, Europe

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