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The Speaking Dancer: Interdisciplinary Performance Training (SDIPT)

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A unique professional development programme that supports the artist as both performer and choreographic author. SDIPT offers students coming from a professional and/or performing arts degree background the opportunity to rethink their relationship to their practice, whilst developing new processes and skills.

Programme Director: Jacky Lansley (Artistic Director, Dance Research Studio)
Guest tutors include: Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small (Project O), Sally Dean (Interdisciplinary & Somatic Practitioner), Sylvia Hallett (Musician & Composer), Esther Huss (Dance Artist & Director of the Dandelion Collective)

Professional Opportunity:
This year’s SDIPT programme will offer participants an opportunity to create a solo performance drawing on personal experience. A film of the solos will be presented as part of the installation performance work ABOUT US curated by Dance Research Studio, which will be on tour in Spring 2018.

Where: London, UK

Module Dates:
11th/12th November 2017: The Interdisciplinary Performer
9th/10th December 2017: Improvisation and Emotional Embodiment
20th/21st January 2018: Visual Language and the Performer
24th/25th February 2018: The Choreographic Exchange

Application and Fees:
Course fee: £300, Concessions: £250. Bursaries are available.
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Deadline for applications: 8th October 2017; Early bird 10% discount – August 1st 2017

For more information and to download an application form:

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