The ZAV Artists’ Association is Accepting Application for the Next Audition for Upcoming Productions

The ZAV Artists’ Association, Tanz, advises and advises all theaters in Germany with the Dance, Free Professional Compagnies and Dance Artists. Through regular market surveys, presence at dance fairs, dance congresses, competitions and the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Director Conference, we have the widest possible overview of the nationwide dance landscape.

We provide dance and dance theater directors, dancers and choreographers (classical, neoclassical, modern, contemporary, dance theaters, jazz, show and musical dance ), ballet masters , trainers, assistants, dramatists, ballet reciters to state and urban as well as to free and private stages and companies in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


Auditions assess the competences in classical ballet as well as in modern and contemporary dance. In addition to technique, level and dance style, expression, presence, type, energy, movement quality, space, musicality, work, movement and comprehension play an important role.
The admission to the ZAV-artist’s office for other professions from the dance field (ballet and dance theater directors, choreographers, ballet masters, trainers, assistants, dramaturges, ballet repetitors) takes place according to professional criteria.


When: Next Audition 14-15th October, other dates throughout the year

Where: Berlin

How To Apply: Please apply if possible by email with current curriculum vitae (CV), details about training and engagement, a current portrait photo and (with dancers) two whole body dance photos.

Download the application here:

Deadline for Applications: Ongoing

For more information please visit:


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