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Tom Dale Company is Looking for Versatile Contemporary Dancers and any Musical Skills

As Tom Dale Company prepares for Arts Council England’s national portfolio status we are delighted to be looking for confident and versatile contemporary dancers for projects in 2018 and beyond. Company dancers will be expected to have excellent floor work and contact skills. We are specifically interested in dancers with great musicality and any additional musical (voice, instrument etc) skills would be a bonus.

Rate of Pay is £500 per week

New graduate dancers: Building on our successful training model piloted in 2013 TDC is looking to recruit 2 newly graduated dancers aged 21- 24 to perform Subterrania (see below). The fee for these two posts adhere to legal requirements with regards to payment levels and is based on the national minimum wage of £7.05 per hour.

Rate of pay £260.86 per week
Specific dates for Step Sonic/ Subterrania:

8th Jan – 31st March 2018 with some occasional touring in April, May, June 2018

Step Sonic: Working with regular collaborator Jo Wills (Digitopia) Step Sonic explores the performative possibilities of dancers creating digital music live on stage through their movement. Using contact and shotgun microphones to pick up breath, voice, the sound of bodies impacting, physical effort & the noise of feet & limbs on the floor the score of this new dance work will be sampled and created live.

Subterrania: A re-creation of this iconic piece originally created for 2Faced Dance.

When & Where: Auditions will be held in London on 16 & 17 October

How To Apply: Please send one headshot, a short biography, a maximum of two video links of recent work and a letter of interest to [email protected] 

Deadline for Application: 12pm on 11th October. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 13th October.


For more information please visit:

Photo from ‘Digitopia’ ©  Tom Dale Company

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