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VIII International Ballet Campus in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Danza, VIII INTERNATIONAL BALLET CAMPUS, welcome dance students, pre-professionals and professional dancers around the world to join their international ballet course in Valencia. Enjoy dance at a professional level working classical and modern technique.

Artistic Direction: Gema Casino Penalba
International Ballet Master/Heads of Rehearsal:
Alicia Amatriain/ Clara Blanco/ Emmanuelle Broncin/Ana Gonzaga/ Cristina Maiquez/ Jose Carlos Blanco/ Fabrice Edelmann/ Juan Polo

Pilates-Ballet Floor Barre
Ballet Training
Pointe Technique-Men´s Technique
Pas de Deux

Douglas Lee
Demis Volpi
Nacho Duato
Tony Fabre

You will be able to work the technical part at the scheduled classes in the mornings, and in the evenings you will enjoy the artistic and choreographic side, working extracts of pieces from renowned choreographers.

GROUP 1 (recommended 11,12-14 years old)
GROUP 2 (recommended 14-16 years old)
GROUP 3 (17,18 years old, pre-professional and professional dancers)
The Organization will be organizes the groups according to the previous classification.

Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:45
(Lunch time at 13:30)
Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00

When: 14th to 25th August 2017

Where: Valencia, Spain

The closing gala will be hold on the 25th in the Auditorium of Ribarroja, free entrance.

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For contact visit Valencia Danza website:

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